Major Home Appliance Repair and Service..

Major Home Appliance Repair and Service..Major Home Appliance Repair and Service..Major Home Appliance Repair and Service..



Dr. Fix-It Response to CoronaVirus

Our Service Technicians have face masks, latex gloves and shoe covers available that we can wear in your home if you would like us to. In addition, please let us know before we arrive at your home if you have any special requests such as where to park our service van, or which door to use when arriving at your home.


The CoronaVirus and Your Appliances

Some things to keep in mind regarding the care of your appliances to keep a healthy environment in your home.

            * Keep your appliances clean, particularly the door handles and 

           controls, buttons etc.

            * Avoid soap pods of any kind as they contain too much soap, 

           Manufacturers recommend 

             2 teaspoons of detergent for dishwashers and 

             2 tablespoons of detergent for clothes washers.

    The worst thing you can do for your washers is to use too much soap.

     Excess soap only serves to create a buildup of soap scum,

     And excess soap actually reduces efficiency of your machine to  

     clean effectively. LESS IS MORE!!!

            * Use a machine cleaner periodically such as Affresh which can

     be found in most stores alongside of your soaps.

            * There are great new products available to sanitize your wash 

     such as Lysol Laundry Sanitizer which is bleach free.

            * Set your water heater temperature to at least 120 deg F

       This is good for sanitizing your laundry, as well as your dishes. Even 

       though your dishwasher has a heater it still needs adequately hot 

       water at the start of the cycle for optimal performance. 

             * Prime your hot water to your dishwasher right before starting 

       your dishwasher.  - To do this simply be sure that hot water is 

       available at your faucet. If this is not done the dishwasher may only 

        fill with cold water before the hot water even gets to it.


Dependable Appliance Repair Experts

If you have any Major Household Appliance Repair service needs, we are here for you. Dr. Fix-It was founded in 1998 by Travis Mongold. Although Appliances have changed since then, our commitment to taking care of your appliance repair needs quickly, and at a fair price remains constant.


Fixed Right- Priced Right

At Dr. Fix-It Appliance Repair we utilize our industries standard price guide. This "Blue Book" is designed to ensure that repairs are priced fairly, even if a technician takes longer than the norm to do a repair, the Blue Books price methods aren't calculated by time on the job. So the blue book pricing structure offers a form of protection for our customers knowing that our prices are based on national averages for our industry.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Dr. Fix-It Appliance Repair Co. we take care of you and your property. We use floor protection when moving your appliance, and we make an effort to leave the area we worked in as clean or cleaner than when we started the job.


All Brands of Kitchen and Laundry Appliances

 We Service All Brands of Major Home Appliances no matter where you purchased them. Home Appliance Repair and Service is our specialty. 

Servicing Cherokee, Pickens, and parts of Cobb County.

Brands That We Service

Brands That We Service

Brands That We Service

Amana PTAC






Fisher & Paykel


General Electric

Jenn Air








Sub Zero


U Line






... and more 

Our Service Area

Brands That We Service

Brands That We Service


Zip Codes That We Service - 

30062 Marietta

30066 Marietta

30101 Acworth

30102 Acworth

30107 Ball Ground

30114 Canton

30115 Canton

30143 Jasper

30144 Kennesaw

30152 Kennesaw

30175 Talking Rock

30177 Tate

30183 Waleska

30188 Woodstock

30189 Woodstock

Notes From the Refrigerator Door

Refrigerator Condenser Cleaning

Refrigerator Condenser Cleaning

Refrigerator Condenser Cleaning


 Refrigerator manufacturers recommend that the condenser coils be cleaned at least once a year, if you cant remember the last time yours were cleaned then its probably overdue. A dirty condenser will shorten the life of the compressor and cause the refrigerator to struggle to cool properly, causing it to run longer than necessary. A dirty condenser will also lead to a clogged condensate drain line, leading to water leaks onto the floor. 

Did You Know ....

Refrigerator Condenser Cleaning

Refrigerator Condenser Cleaning


 Since Whirlpools' Purchase of the Maytag Corporation in April 2006 they are the largest manufacturer of appliances worldwide. 

In More Recent News...

Refrigerator Condenser Cleaning

In More Recent News...


 On June 6 2016 General Electrics appliance division was purchased by the Chinese Corporation Haier. 


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